Jenson Button admits that he is surprised by Lewis Hamilton's apparently calm demeanour in the wake of his world championship disappointment, claiming that the F1 rookie should be showing more distress.

Speaking to London's Evening Standard newspaper, Button reckoned that Hamilton should be approaching the situation as a rare opportunity missed rather than just a taster of what is to come in future.

"What would worry me is the lost opportunity," Button, himself tipped as a title contender over the past few years, confirmed, "You can't say in my sport 'oh well, I only missed out by a point so next year I'll go one better'. It doesn't work like that. He should be sick as a dog because another chance might not come round again."

Having started his career brightly with Williams, vaulting straight from F3 into the role of point-scorer, before being pushed aside for Juan Montoya and struggling to reach the heights again in all bar one solid season with BAR, Button knows all about the fickle finger of fate. Two years at Benetton/Renault all but wrecked his reputation before David Richards and BAR gave him the chance to resurrect it, but Button has been a midfielder at best of late as Honda struggles to get its package on a par with the likes of McLaren, Ferrari, BMW and, ironically, Renault.

Aware that McLaren could drop back into the doldrums almost as quickly as it escaped them this year, Button is worried that Hamilton's confidence may be misplaced, despite the youngster having seen off the challenge of double world champion Fernando Alonso in 2007, prompting the Spaniard to leave McLaren after just one year. Hamilton saw a twelve-point lead evaporate over the last two rounds of the year, allowing Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen to steal the crown.

"He's a great driver, but there are lots of great drivers in Formula One who did not have his package," Button insisted, viewing the season as one that may never be repeated.



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