The FIA's International Court of Appeal will convene today to hear McLaren-Mercedes' appeal against the decision not to disqualify the BMW-Sauber and Williams' cars from last month's Brazilian Grand Prix.

The four cars in question were all investigated in the wake of the season finale, and discovered to have been running illegally cool fuel during the race.

The stewards in Interlagos, however, resolved not to throw them out of the results - a move that would have handed Lewis Hamilton the crown, and one which the Briton's McLaren team has elected to challenge.

The matter has consequently been passed on to the FIA Court of Appeal, which will now meet in London - having been moved from its original venue of Paris - where the destination of this year's Formula 1 World Drivers' Championship will finally be confirmed.

Should the hearing decide in McLaren's favour then Nick Heidfeld, Robert Kubica and Nico Rosberg all face exclusion from the race although that wouldn't automatically mean that Lewis Hamilton would be promoted to fourth place - which would give him the points needed to secure the title.

Hamilton himself though has already said he doesn't want to win the title through others being excluded and would prefer to win the championship on track in the future.

"It would feel weird after Kimi did such a fantastic job in the last two races and won on Sunday," he told BBC Radio 5 Live after the season finale last month.

"I want to win it on the track. You want to do it in style, you want to win the race or be battling it out for the lead.

"Being promoted after other people have been thrown out is not the way I want to do it..."

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