It has probably been the most controversial and tense Formula 1 World Championship of all time and with McLaren losing their appeal, it has all come to an eventual conclusion with the announcement that Kimi Raikkonen is the 2007 Champion.

However, just because the Court of Appeal have made their decision, doesn't mean you should have to necessarily accept it.

While you may not be able to change the decision, you can certainly tell us about it.

Having seen all the evidence and considered the opinions from the likes of McLaren and Ferrari, it is time to have your say over whether you think the right decision was made.

Do you think BMW and Williams should have been penalised?

Were the Court of Appeal too conscious of the fact that any changes would have caused massive ructions in F1?

Are Raikkonen and Ferrari the just champions, regardless of whether BMW or Williams gained an advantage?

Would it have been right for McLaren to win the title for Hamilton through the courts?

So, before we look ahead to a brand new season, with no doubt more issues to discuss, come along and Have Your Say on the final chapter of an otherwise extraordinary 2007 season...



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