Team-mate to double world champion Fernando Alonso? Four-way title fight - in your debut season - with Ferrari? Hard tasks no doubt, but Lewis Hamilton may just have met his match in another arena altogether.

Despite what is undoubtedly a hectic schedule for F1's most celebrated rookie since Michael Schumacher - and what appears to be an equally busy time off track if the tabloids are to be believed - Hamilton found enough of a gap to face off with the most mysterious man on the planet - BBC Top Gear's Stig - around the programme's bespoke circuit.

As well as having to sit and chat with chief presenter Jeremy Clarkson - maybe a more arduous task than driving after Clarkson's recent jibes about Hamilton's decision to relocate to Switzerland - Britain's new favourite (Nigel who?) will take to the track as he graces one of his favourite programmes for the first time this Sunday [2 December].

The action will also come as something of a shock to a man more used to a 200mph McLaren, as Hamilton takes on the Stig at the wheel of the programme's venerable Suzuki Liana, resurrected from the archives to provide an environment in which the 'golden boy' can also be compared to other F1 stars - Nigel Mansell, Jenson Button, Damon Hill and Mark Webber - have also completed a timed lap.

Although the Stig leads the way on 1m 44.4secs, Mansell came closest to beating the mark, recording 1m 44.6secs on his outing, while Button managed 1m 44.7secs and Hill 1min 46.3secs. Webber ran in the wet and posted a frustrated 1min 47.1secs - but, given the time of year, could it be the Australian that is largest in Lewis' sights?

With Hamilton expected on stage at the annual Autosport Awards at the same time the programme goes out on BBC2, he will have to set the video recorder (or digital TV recorder more probably) to find out how he did but, if you can't wait and want more clues, feel free to check here



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