FIA president Max Mosley believes that the off-track shenanigans this season haven't harmed Formula 1.

Indeed speaking in an interview with The Paddock magazine, Mosley added that in some ways it has actually been good for the sport as it has put it at the top of the news agenda and taken it into spheres it wouldn't normally occupy.

"I don't think it has done any damage - in fact, it has raised public awareness," he stated. "That's always the paradox: when there's some big row, it tends to gain the attention of a public that wouldn't normally follow F1. So in that sense it has been positive.

"What's very important though is that people believe the spying has been stopped and will continue to be stopped. Then it does no harm at all.

"The only harm would come if people started to believe it was endemic and we couldn't stamp it out."

Asked about the season more generally, Mosley meanwhile moved to clarify remarks made at the end of October, when he stated that Lewis Hamilton's effect could actually be negative if he goes onto dominate like Michael Schumacher did.

"I think it was an excellent season. Lewis Hamilton's arrival has been really, really good, because it has kept the UK interest going," he continued.

"People talk about the UK being a motorsport centre, which it is, but it needs something to focus on. Thanks to Lewis, the whole of Fleet Street is now following Formula One.

"One or two people took it the wrong way when I said [on BBC TV's HardTalk programme] that he might create a Schumacher predictability problem, but that was meant as the ultimate compliment.

"I think, in the end, the championship went to the right person, because Kimi [Raikkonen] won more races than the other two. The climax was so extraordinary that some people thought we wrote the script!"

So is Max right?

Did the championship go to the right person?
Will the 'Lewis Hamilton effect' be good for F1?
And more importantly, were all the off-track dramas actually a good thing for the sport?

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