Lewis Hamilton has admitted that is looking to be able to concentrate on happenings on track next season, after his Formula One rookie year was riddled with off-track rows and controversies.

The Briton insists that he did not want to become involved in the disagreements and accusations that bedevilled his relationship with Fernando Alonso and McLaren in 2007, and hopes that the Spaniard's departure and a clean bill of health for the MP4-23 - following the impending FIA inspection in February - will allow him to focus on what he does best.

"It has been an amazing rollercoaster and I am very happy and proud to have been part of it," the 22-year old told Britain's Daily Express newspaper, "But, in terms of all the politics, it has been frustrating in that sense.

"I am just a racer. I love to go to the tracks and drive. I don't like to get involved in all the politics but, unfortunately, you are dragged into it. That comes with the whole game and you just have to deal with it in the best way you can, [but] hopefully, next year, we will have a much smoother year and can have fun."

With Alonso now safely ensconced at Renault, Formula One's top three drivers will all be representing different teams in 2008, and Hamilton is keen to complete the job he appeared to have sewn up this year. Despite missing out on the title at the last gasp, however, he admits that he heads into year two undaunted.

"I am still in the very early stages of my career and I feel very confident and optimistic," he insisted, "I can't wait until next year and I hope we can get the championship. It is going to be a tough year, for sure, [and] I can't say I will win it next year, but I believe I have the ability to win. I believe, being in the right place at the right time, and with hard work and dedication, it is possible."



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