Mark Webber has predicted that Fernando Alonso will struggle to battle for the drivers' title next season.

The Red Bull Racing-man added that while the Spaniard will probably enjoy himself more in 2008, he is unlikely to enjoy as competitive a package at Renault, than he had this season with McLaren-Mercedes.

"Fernando will enjoy himself more in 2008 and will be very motivated. He will not however be able to reach the level that he did this year with McLaren," Webber told

"I do not believe that he will be battling for the title until the end [like he was this season].

"Renault is far from that level and will have a difficult time getting back to the same form that took them to the top in 2005 and 2006. Renault will try to recover though and to give him the best car they can."

Asked about the season just gone, Mark added that while on-track it was excellent, the politics off it really ruined things.

"All the political and legal problems were a pain, because from a sporting point of view it was exciting," he continued.

"Michael Schumacher had gone, Alonso was a double champion and nobody expected a newcomer like [Lewis] Hamilton to challenge Fernando and Kimi Raikkonen [for the title].

"There were too many complications though. It makes it hard for the fans to understand how it all works. It would be better to just fill up with fuel, go to the track and whoever is fastest wins. Unfortunately though, it isn't that easy [in F1]," he summed-up.



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