Lewis Hamilton's father Anthony says he is looking forward to a Formula 1 season focused on the action on track rather than controversy off it after seeing his son caught up in two of the biggest F1 stories during his first year in the sport.

Hamilton's McLaren team was fined $100 million and excluded from the constructors' championship following the spying row, which centred around Ferrari documentation that had been passed to McLaren designer Mike Coughlan by Ferrari's Nigel Stepney.

Hamilton himself also became embroiled in a heated battle with team-mate Fernando Alonso that led to the pair hardly speaking at times and ultimately ended in the Spaniard departing the team at the end of the year to return to Renault.

With the spying row now seemingly closed after McLaren apologised to the FIA last week, Hamilton Sr said he was looking forward to an exciting 2008 with the focus of everyone being on having a good year.

"I think the focus of attention will be on stability and everyone in Formula 1 trying their damndest to make sure it is enjoyed by the majority," he told Crash.net Radio at Wembley Stadium during the Race of Champions. "I don't expect any issues with team-mates and other teams and other drivers.

"I think we had a rough 2007 and everyone's focus next year is going to be to have a good year whoever wins. That is what we want."

While many view Hamilton as a possible champion for 2008 after his record-breaking rookie year, his father added that he would happy with any result as long as he performs to the best of his abilities.

"Everyday we still get up pinching ourselves and we are quite pleased that he has managed to keep his feet on the ground," he said. "I'm sure that next year will be as good a year and as long as he performs to the best of his ability then everyone will be happy.

"I have no idea [how the McLaren team-mates will work together] but Heikki is a very decent guy and we have known him for a long time. Lewis and Heikki have known each other since go-karting and I'm sure they will get on well.

"I think Formula 1 will have an exciting year next year and not necessarily just with Lewis and Heikki competing against each other."



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