Work got underway on the new pit wall at Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix, this week.

In stark contrast to the F1 cars that will line up on the start grid for the 2008 Santander Formula 1 British GP on July 6, it was the 'Ferrari' red construction vehicles that were under starter's orders before demolishing the existing wall on Monday.

The new pit wall is due to take up to six weeks to build and, fully complying with the latest FIA regulations, should be completed by the end of January 2008.

The new wall will be built with:

- 10km of steel reinforcing bars
- 1000 cubic metres of concrete
- 330 metres of debris fencing and rear tubular handrail
- Movement joints to control thermal expansion and contraction

It has also been designed to withstand considerable impact loadings and speeds of more than 250kph.

Circuit bosses meanwhile have re-iterated that construction of the new pit wall is a separate project to the Silverstone Master Plan - the British Racing Drivers' Club [BRDC]'s long term plan to re-develop the circuit.



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