Toyota's Jarno Trulli believes that the Cologne-based operation will definitely be more competitive this coming year.

Trulli only managed to score eight points in 2007, a long way off the 43 he managed in 2005, his first full-season with the team and also nearly less than half what he managed in 2006.

Jarno is however hopeful that the TF108, the team's new machine, which will be unveiled next week, will put them back in contention.

"I don't want to review the [2007] season and say I could have done this or that, or we should have done this or that. Anyone can talk about what might have been. The truth is the results of our team were not so great, as was clearly shown in the standings. The important thing is we know what we have to do to improve and I firmly believe we will do it," he stated.

"This team has got the potential and the resources necessary for success. Though we have less experience as a team than most of the opposition, we still have everything it takes to produce a good racing car.

"It's true that our performance in the last couple of seasons was below expectations, but inside me the desire and belief that we can turn it around is as strong as ever. We have always tried to show that we are working hard and doing our best. By continuing to do that improvement will surely come.

"I am very motivated to do my share of the work because I don't like losing. I don't think people in general like losing, but I really get upset when I lose!

"This year I was fighting to get into the top ten, which was hard to accept after getting on the podium and fighting for victory in 2005. Then, I could see we had the potential to get to the very top and I see no reason now why we cannot get back to that level -and hopefully exceed it - in 2008."



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