Felipe Massa reckons that having recently driven cars devoid of traction control devices will be of little use to him when Formula One dumbs down for the 2008 season.

Speaking at the launch of Ferrari's new F2008 in Maranello, the Brazilian admitted that things will be different this season, after the sport's governing body mandated a standard electronics system and removed traction control and other aids after years of drivers benefiting from the technology.

"It really is different now," Massa, who graduated to F1 from F3000, insisted, "You have to take care of the accelerator; even more than of the brakes. The driving style has to be softer and less aggressive."

While team-mate Kimi Raikkonen admitted that the F2008 would be 'much more complex to drive, especially on wet tracks' without traction control, he also insisted that driving would 'be also much more fun', and Massa thinks that each driver would start from a similar position in Melbourne.

"I don't think [racing without TC in the past] will be an advantage," he claimed, "Many things have changed, and the revs have a certain influence. The V8 is more aggressive and difficult than the V10. When you are driving under these conditions, you want more stability and grip and you try to drive more aggressively and closer to the limit. When there's less grip, you can use the tyres much better. That is really important."

Asked about the new qualifying procedure, which sees the removal of the controversial 'fuel burning' phase in Q3, the Brazilian insisted that there would be little difference.

"To be honest, I think that absolutely nothing will change here," he said, "We won't have 3-4 laps to use the old tyres. We'll start with new sets and with the right amount of fuel to get the right lap time. Almost nothing will change for me."



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