Kimi Raikkonen has belied suggestions that he and seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher do not see eye-to-eye by welcoming the German's continued involvement in the Ferrari team.

Schumacher has not only revealed that he will attend several grands prix this season, but has been confirmed for future outings in the all-new F2008, with which the Scuderia will aim to defend its title double from last season. The team's 'special advisor' made sporadic appearances in the F2007, notably at the end of Raikkonen's successful campaign, where he topped the times on two consecutive days in Spain.

Although Raikkonen was reported to be disgruntled by the German's presence in the camp last season, when he helped Felipe Massa as well as sitting with Jean Todt on pit-wall, the Finn admits that it will be useful having Schumacher's experience to call on, despite Luca Badoer being the team's official reserve.

"I think that, with how the testing is now, it's very difficult for the test drivers to have many laps, many days, because we don't have such a lot of testing," the champion said, "We drivers do most of the testing, purely because we test what we get. If we are not able to test, however, it's good that Michael's doing it and, for sure, it's not going to hurt us. He has good experience of Formula One, and he knows what he's doing. For me, it's good that he does the tests if we cannot do it."

Raikkonen completed the only test of the F2008 run so far, shaking down the new car at a murky Fiorano 24 hours after its launch last week.

"The car ran very well at Fiorano but, of course, the conditions were not ideal," he reported, "It's hard to say exactly how you feel about the car but, for me, the feeling was very good. I think we are going to see [the F2008's true potential] next week at Jerez, when we take the car on a normal circuit. Hopefully, the weather will be good as we will have two cars and we hope to have good running and a lot of laps."



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