Despite the announcement that talks are underway with the Weigl Group to secure the teams future, the trucks and motorhome of the Super Aguri team have been barred from entering the Istanbul circuit having arrived to prepare for the Turkish Grand Prix.

According to team sources, Super Aguri has been prevented from entering the paddock after Honda boss Nick Fry told Bernie Ecclestone that the team wouldn't be competing in the Turkish event.

Fry had already suggested that he didn't feel that the proposed Weigl deal would be enough to ensure Super Aguri's continued participation this season after telling Reuters that he didn't feel that 'a company the size of Weigl is able to support a competitive Formula 1 team'.

Team boss Aguri Suzuki was due to meet with Honda officials on Tuesday, but the former racer is now attempting to bring that meeting forward to Monday to discuss the deal, with the decision to bar the team from entering the paddock believed to be a move by Honda to avoid any embarrassment to the company should the decision be taken to reject the Weigl offer.

It remains to be seen whether or not the meeting between Suzuki and Honda can be brought forward, with team being set to present the proposal from the Weigl Group to the Honda board in an effort to see a deal go through.


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