Ferrari's engine guru Gilles Simon has predicted that all the teams are going to struggle with the Kinetic Energy Recovery System in 2009 - especially in the opening few races.

KERS is an important part of measures being brought into Formula 1 in a bid to save energy and cut costs over the coming seasons - but BMW-Sauber and Red Bull Racing amongst others have notably struggled to get to grips with it and speaking ahead of the Italian Grand Prix, Simon confirmed the Scuderia is also finding it difficult to get it working.

"The Kinetic Energy Recovery System is a complex subject, which finds us dealing with a lot of new and complicated areas, while ensuring that we still devote all necessary efforts into continuing our usual development programme on the current year car," explained the Frenchman. "It will be really challenging to run this system next year.

"We are learning every day, but we are struggling and I think that all teams will struggle to run the new system reliably right from the opening race of the 2009 season.

"Next year, with KERS as well as the other rule change allowing the use of an electronic front flap adjuster (on the front wing,) electronics will play a very big role and the common ECU will have to be fully understood in order to operate these new elements successfully."

As for this weekend's event, the final European race of the year and the Scuderia's home round, Simon added that the event at Monza could be a difficult one, especially in terms of the stresses it places on the engines.

"Undoubtedly, with Monza coming hot on the heels of Spa, this is the toughest pair of races in terms of the engine cycle," he continued.

"Monza is the hardest circuit on engines and Spa is not far behind it, so this means the engines used here will have endured the highest stress levels of any throughout the season."

Like all the teams Ferrari tested at Monza at the end of last month and pushing the engine to its limits was a major priority: "From the engine side, we pushed very hard to test reliability and the results were successful, as we completed two race distances. And also in terms of car performance we made good progress at a circuit where, in 2007, we were not that strong. So overall it was a very positive test," he concluded


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