Nick Heidfeld might be alone among Formula One personnel in looking forward to the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix and the challenges it will bring in adapting to a new Formula One timetable.

The German, who has shown that he is quite at home running to a normal schedule, reckons that he will have no problem fitting in with the unusual programme of events created by the first night race in F1 history. While each team has made a point of discussing the logistical issues that they, and their drivers, will face with practice, qualifying and the grand prix running after dark, Heidfeld appears to be taking things in his stride.

"In principle, I think it's a great idea to hold a race at night," the BMW Sauber ace enthused, "I'm more of a night person - I like to go to bed late, but am not a great early-riser. For that reason, the rhythm of this weekend should suit me.

"It's all a question of adjustment. It's important to eat and sleep at the right times in order to ensure you're really on the button when you need to be. I doubt we'll have much free time but, as the race is taking place in the middle of the city, I imagine we'll be able to absorb a fair amount and sense the atmosphere. I've never been to Singapore, apart from sitting in the airport, and am expecting it to be vibrant and interesting."

Although he is able to draw parallels with other venues on the grand prix schedule - such as Monaco and Sepang - Heidfeld still admits to wishing he could have had more experience of the circuit before heading there for the first time.

"Everyone is really looking forward to the Singapore Grand Prix, firstly, because it's a new track; secondly, because it's a street circuit and, thirdly, of course, because we'll be driving at night," he noted, "However, I would have welcomed the chance to test on the track, especially in the rain.

"Rain combined with the artificial light is the great unknown for me with this race. The floodlights should ensure it is actually as bright as during the day, but nobody has yet experienced how these light conditions will feel at Formula One speeds and, as the climate should be similar to that in nearby Kuala Lumpur, I know - from experience - that it rains frequently there, especially in the early evening...."



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