Haas Formula 1 chief Günther Steiner felt it was “not a big change” being allowed to join the Strategy Group meeting, saying there was no backlash from the pre-existing members.

The Strategy Group previously featured just six members - Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Williams and Force India - but was opened up to permit all teams to attend at the behest of F1 sporting managing director Ross Brawn earlier this year.

The move was a step towards a more democratic nature of F1’s political make-up, but Haas boss Steiner said it did not feel like a great change upon joining.

“It was the first one we were allowed in. There is not a big change for us that they allowed us in there,” Steiner said of the Strategy Group meeting.

“We were always told afterwards in the F1 Commission what was said, but everybody was very open. There was no animosity, ‘what were these guys doing here?’

“We are just four people to the other six. It’s not like all of a sudden there’s 20 times the people, there’s four people there and we know each other pretty well so there was no big change.

“Everybody was happy because we were treated with respect and didn’t try to run the show.”


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