Carlos Sainz says he is hoping competition in F1 improves across the board next season to prevent the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari establishing ‘another category’ in the sport at the front.

The Spaniard, currently competing in his third season of F1 with Toro Rosso, has enjoyed a strong 2017 campaign thus far scoring in 7 of the 11 races this season to place him ninth in the standings heading into the summer break.

With six top eight results to his name, Sainz is pleased with his performance but is frustrated by the sizeable gap to the front and the inability for teams as Toro Rosso to make an impression on leaders as Ferrari and Mercedes, saying the current ‘two category’ impression is ‘not what F1 should be about’.

“I want to think that the gap will be closer,” he said. “I do think there’s a massive difference, a difference way too big. On the other hand the gap has just increased this year, this year Mercedes and Ferrari have blown away because they have more resources and more money to develop.

“In my opinion, at the moment we have two different categories in F1 and it’s not what F1 should be about. It’s hopefully something that won’t happen next year. For us, as a midfield team, we don’t even look at what Mercedes do because it’s just another category.”

Meanwhile, Sainz says F1 must consider the effects car weight gains have on the driver, insisting they ‘don’t deserve’ the pressure they come under to lose weight in response.

“I think eventually everyone has to put a limit on what the weight of a Formula One car has to go, without effecting the drivers. They want us as slim as a cyclist and we don’t deserve that as a sportsman for these kind of cars.

“I think eventually there will be a limit and it will have to be a compromise between power, weight and downforce and this is what they will end up doing hopefully soon.”

Though Sainz has made his intentions to progress to a more competitive team for 2018 known, it is believed he will remain with Toro Rosso for another season on the premise he will step up to Red Bull Racing in 2019.



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