Sebastian Vettel doubts there will be any news regarding his Formula 1 future in the next two weeks, dashing suggestions there may be an announcement from Ferrari at the Italian Grand Prix next weekend.

F1 drivers’ championship leader Vettel is out of contract with Ferrari at the end of the season, but has shown few signs of wanting to leave the team despite loose links with a Mercedes seat in the future.

Ferrari announced earlier this week that Kimi Raikkonen would be continuing in a race seat for 2018, leaving Vettel as its only unconfirmed driver.

Ferrari president and chairman Sergio Marchionne had previously hinted an announcement would be made at the Italian Grand Prix, its home race, but Vettel doubts this will the case.

“I don't know, we'll see. At some point I think there will be news,” Vettel said, before conceding he expected it to come “soon”.

“Soon can be a very... it depends who you ask,” he continued.

“But now we're here, there's no news yet, and the main focus now is not to focus on news, the main focus is to focus on the race.

“And that will be the same next week. So I don't expect news in the next two weeks to be honest.”

Vettel has made no secret of his happiness working alongside Raikkonen in the past, and was pleased to see the Finn confirmed in the seat for 2018.

"If he's happy, I'm happy! I think it's the other way around as well," Vettel said.

"Obviously he's had a troubled start to the season. The last couple of races have been a bit better. There's no discussion about his talent or his speed. It's nice to see that the team appreciates the work he is doing behind the scenes.

"As I said, it's quite straightforward to work with him. I think everybody who knows him knows he's quite straightfoward in this regard.

"He's a good match, and obviously great to continue like that."


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