Esteban Ocon has slammed Force India team-mate Sergio Perez for ‘risking his life’ in his attempts to defend his position during the Belgian Grand Prix after the pair came to blows once again at Spa.

On an ill-tempered afternoon in Belgium, Ocon and Perez collided twice – once at the start on the run down to Eau Rouge and again on lap 29 at a similar point, the latter of which left both nursing damage.

Indeed, though Ocon and Perez both accept the clash of wheels at the start could be justified by usual jostling at the beginning, the second incident – where Perez shut the door on Ocon at high speed, causing a puncture on his car and damaging the wing of Ocon’s – has left the Frenchman seething.

“Of course he knew [I was there],” Ocon responded when asked whether he though Perez wasn’t aware of his presence. “I accept the first one, we are three wide and maybe he didn’t see me – though I think he saw me – but the second one is just one too much. You know, risking our life for nothing. He risked my life, 300kph down to Eau Rouge.”

Though the FIA opted to take no further action on the incident, Ocon – who recovered to ninth, with Perez 13th – has vowed to confront Perez.

“We lost a lot of points, he is supposed to be a professional driver and today he didn’t show it. He has never done that with other team-mates, I don’t know why he is doing it with me.

“I am going to speak to him man-to-man, and tell him the truth. He is going to have a child, I don’t know if he wants to die or something… it is just ridiculous.”

It is the third controversial incident between the two drivers this season after a team orders wrangle in Canada and a collision whilst fighting for the podium in Baku, though Perez would go on to defend himself for the clash, saying Ocon was 'optimistic'


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