Lewis Hamilton has repeated his call-out of the Formula 1 race officials for deploying the Safety Car for debris in Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix, believing a Virtual Safety Car would have been enough to allow the area to be cleared.

The Safety Car was called for on Lap 30 at Spa following a clash between Force India teammates Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez, leaving debris strewn across the track.

Hamilton said over the radio at the time that calling the Safety Car was “BS”, before adding in the post race press conference: “I guess they wanted to see a race”.

While Hamilton was able to fend off Sebastian Vettel and claim his fifth win of the season, the Mercedes driver stuck to his guns when discussing the Safety Car decision after the race.

“There was no one in harm's way on track. I guess you could say the marshals had to come on to clean up, but they did it quite quick,” Hamilton said.

“I think a VSC would have easily been suitable there. There wasn’t hardly any debris down the top straight, it was just  on the first straight but the next lap we came around it was all gone. So I was like ‘wow they did a really good job to clean it up’.

“We did all those laps behind the safety car and it just opened up doors. I think in the heat of the moment, I was frustrated, I had led the race and it was this close and we do that stop and I haven’t got ultra-softs available to me and it feels like weight up against you.

“It was cool. I just sucked it up and kept pushing. I didn’t let that deter me from the end goal so I am really happy at the end, but I just felt it was a little bit unnecessary, that’s all.”



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