Romain Grosjean has hit out at Formula 1 race control's decision to start qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix in heavy rain after crashing out just five minutes into Q1, resulting in a lengthy rain delay.

Overnight rain and throughout the morning led to FP3 being shortened to just 16 minutes, while the entirety of GP3 qualifying was cancelled, raising concerns about F1 qualifying going ahead.

The track was deemed to be in a good enough condition for qualifying to start at 2pm local time, only for drivers to report low visibility, with Grosjean telling the Haas pit wall: "I can't see where I am going."

Grosjean crashed out on the main straight just minutes later, spearing into the barrier after applying the throttle over standing water while on the main straight.

The session was red flagged immediately and put under a lengthy delay, with Grosjean venting his frustration about the decision when speaking to Sky Sports.

"I was on the straight line and the next thing you know you’re facing the wall at more than 300 kph. I just think the conditions were not good enough for us to go out there," Grosjean said.

"I complained on the out lap saying that I thought there was too much water, we couldn’t see anything. You cannot back off on the straight line in case someone is behind because he won’t see anything.

"You can’t stay flat out because you’re going to lose the car. The first time was just about fine and then the second time I lost it for no reason. 

"We shouldn’t have gone out at all and I’m pretty straightforward on that."

When asked if the crash could have been much worse, Grosjean said: "The impact wasn’t strong. We were lucky having the hit barrier and the move was going towards the track so I was happy with that, I am lucky with that.

"Spinning on a straight line shouldn’t be something you should be seeing in Formula 1."



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