Fernando Alonso has continued his recent feud with Jolyon Palmer at Monza by calling his attempted overnight during the opening laps ‘not up to F1 standards’.

The McLaren-Honda driver came to blows with Palmer during the Belgian Grand Prix when the Brit felt Alonso got off lightly after pushing him off track while fighting for position. The pair resumed their fight in Italy when Palmer cut across the second chicane to get past Alonso and refused to relinquish his position.

The FIA race stewards judged Palmer guilty of gaining an unfair advantage by going off track and slap the Renault driver with a five-second time penalty. During the race Alonso’s frustrations remained by stating over team radio the penalty wasn’t enough before calling it ‘karma’ that Palmer was forced to retire with a mechanical issue.

After the race Alonso was still venting his frustration at the incident by claiming Palmer wasn’t driving to a high enough level in F1.

“I think it was not up to F1 standards,” Alonso said. “There was no interpretation needed. When two cars go into a chicane and one misses the corner while the other does the corner.

“That is black and white, there is no interpretation. Probably today they were not looking at the television, the guys from the FIA.”



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