Lewis Hamilton says Sebastian Vettel’s tactic to move across and block Max Verstappen starting from pole position in the Singapore Grand Prix was a move any driver would make but feels he simply misjudged his blind spot.

The Mercedes driver saw the drama of the Singapore race start unfold in front of him when Vettel appeared to move left to block Verstappen’s attack into turn one but with Ferrari team-mate Kimi Raikkonen getting an excellent start from fourth on the grid the trio collided which sent all three out of the race.

A race stewards review into the incident ruled no one driver was to blame so all three escaped any penalties, as Ferrari’s official twitter feed pinned the blame on Verstappen while the Dutch driver pointed the finger at Vettel.

While resisting the blame game on any of his rivals, Hamilton says Vettel’s move to block Verstappen was normal but he may have misjudged the gaps between the two cars plus Raikkonen's attack on the inside of Verstappen coming in the German’s blind spot.

“When you pull away [from pole] you can’t actually see the guy who’s in second place, they’re generally in your blind spot if they get as good a start as you,” Hamilton said. “It’s difficult to know where they are so your immediate thought is to cover your ground, get to the inside and cover and turn them so I assume that’s what he did.

“At least, when you do that, then all of a sudden they appear in your mirror so you can understand where they are or in your peripheral view.

“But sometimes you do it and you realise you’re ahead so you actually didn’t need to. I don’t if Sebastian felt that way or not.”

Hamilton was able to skate around the outside of the three-car collision and directly behind Vettel through turn one and two before the Ferrari driver crashed due to damage picked up from the earlier collision. That handed the Mercedes driver the lead which he never relented to win in Singapore to take a 28-point lead in the Formula 1 world drivers’ championship.


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