Christian Horner has continued to criticise Formula 1’s current engine regulations by explaining they have ‘zero road relevance’ to road cars and the sport should focus on drivers and teams rather than technology.

The Red Bull team principal has been a long-time opponent to the V6 turbo hybrid engines since they were introduced to F1 in 2014 and is urging the sport to change its regulations at the earliest possible point.

Horner’s fresh criticisms came after it was announced McLaren had split from Honda to begin a new partnership with Renault as power unit supplier, with Honda starting a new deal with Toro Rosso, while in the background Red Bull’s engine future also came under question.

Reports from Singapore suggest Renault is aiming to pull out of its deal with Red Bull at the end of the 2018 season, having taken a lot of criticism from the team despite helping it to four consecutive F1 world titles between 2010-2013, with the Milton Keynes-based squad linked to potential switches to Honda or Aston Martin.

With Toro Rosso hoping to turnaround Honda’s F1 fortunes in 2018 it is believed if the Japanese manufacturer can produce a competitive engine Red Bull would aim to strike up a deal but has also drawn on its current technical partnership with Aston Martin as another option.

Regardless of Red Bull future engine direction, Horner wants the regulations changed as he feels any road car development in racing will be focused on Formula E after a number of manufacturers prepare to enter the all-electric series.

“There is zero road relevance what we have here,” Horner said on Sky Sports F1. “The engines make no relevance to what is happening in everyday road car use and the aerodynamics don’t crossover.

“Formula 1 is an entertainment and a sport which is why people watch it to see the best drivers in the best car. It should be predominately about the drivers and of course then the team element as well.

“This goes back to what I have said before with F1 being at a crossroads and it needs to pick a direction. The manufacturers are now favouring Formula E as there technology route and that to me makes a great deal of sense.

“Formula 1 is about emotion and drivers racing wheel to wheel – man and machine at the limit. It needs to look great, be a real challenge for the drivers and sound fantastic. They are the three elements we need to get back to.”



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