Formula 1 title contender Sebastian Vettel has taken a fresh set of power unit elements ahead of Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix after being resigned to the back of the grid following his qualifying setback.

Vettel suffered an issue in FP3 that forced Ferrari to fit a new internal combustion engine (ICE) ahead of qualifying, moving onto its final element of the season that was not meant to be used until Japan or Austin.

The repair was completed in time for qualifying, only for Vettel to suffer an issue with his turbocharger, preventing him from posting a lap time to leave him P20 on the grid.

Already starting last, Ferrari took advantage of the opportunity to take three fresh power unit elements as the regular 20-place grid penalty would have no effect.

The changes were confirmed by the FIA on Sunday ahead of the race at Sepang after Ferrari discussed the matter with technical delegate Jo Bauer.

The team took a new ICE, turbocharger and MGU-H ahead of the race, the fifth of each element for Vettel this season.

Vettel is currently set to start the race from the grid as the team did not break parc ferme procedure.



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