Nico Rosberg says Sebastian Vettel can be too hot-headed while racing in Formula 1 but ultimately sees it as the four-time world champion’s strength against his rivals.

The 2016 F1 world champion made a special pundit appearance for Sky Sports F1 during the Japanese Grand Prix and was quizzed for his opinion on his fellow countryman and how he feels the Ferrari driver has performed against Lewis Hamilton in this year’s title tussle.

While Rosberg feels Vettel has largely maximised his results with the Ferrari package in 2017, he feels his controversial clash with Hamilton during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix demonstrated his overly0aggressive streak – but believes it is a trait Vettel uses as a strength.

“He can be just too hot-headed and too self-confident which in the long run is a strength of his but in some moments it can be a weakness because it boils over,” Rosberg told Sky Sports F1. “Baku yes but Singapore I am not of the opinion that he really missed out because I think he couldn’t see Kimi on the inside.

“I think he has done a very good season and has come pretty close to maximising everything that he could.”

In Azerbaijan Vettel appeared to deliberately bash wheels with Hamilton while the British driver led the race behind the safety car, with the German driver accusing his title rival of brake-testing him which caused an initial collision between the two.

Vettel was hit with a 10-second stop-and-go penalty but recovered to finish fourth in Baku, while Hamilton was forced to pit from the lead with a broken headrest and ended the race in fifth place, and the German driver was given a dressing down by the FIA for his conduct.



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