Daniel Ricciardo achieved his first podium at Suzuka in Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix after seven Formula 1 outings at the circuit, but described it as another "lonely" race after falling behind the front-runners early. 

Ricciardo has complained before that losing the rest of the front-running pack, with midfielders far behind, can leave him to a race with no other cars around and no on-track fights.

"The race was pretty lonely when I lost out at the start and then lost touch a little bit like last week," Ricciardo said, referencing the Malaysian Grand Prix.

"I lost touch with Max and Lewis but yeah I was trying to do my pace. It was a bit lonely."

Ricciardo was initially fighting at the front, making a risky first-turn pass on teammate Max Verstappen which he said he could have done better.

"It was just the jump off of the line and then I was on the outside and didn’t get a good drive on the outside of turn two being hung out to dry on the outside and that is where Ocon got the better exit," Ricciardo said.

"It all started with the initial launch where we lost out. It was something I could have done better."

He said being rejoined by Bottas towards the end of the race, as frontrunners lapped midfielders in heavy traffic, made the drive more exciting.

"It wasn't that exciting from my point of view, but I then had Valtteri coming at the end so actually having a bit of pressure made it more exciting, it was good fun," he said.

"This is my first podium here, my objective today was to get the Suzuka podium and I have it and it feels great. 

"It's a circuit I've always enjoyed and now with this year's cars it's a lot of fun."


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