Williams Formula 1 technical chief Paddy Lowe has hailed Lewis Hamilton's 2017 Formula 1 campaign as the Briton's "best season ever" after wrapping up a fourth drivers' championship on Sunday in Mexico.

Lowe worked with Hamilton during his title wins at McLaren in 2008 and Mercedes in 2014 and 2015, with 2017 being the first championship-winning year in which the pair have not been together.

After Hamilton clinched the 2017 drivers' title with two races to spare, Lowe heaped praise on his former colleague, saying he looked better than ever.

"It is terrific. This is the only season I didn’t work for Lewis in F1, and it is great to see," Lowe said.

"From the outside it looked to me like his best season ever. He drove really well every race, good day, bad day, he was always in there getting the points and a really, really worthy champion.

"I have been saying it for a while and I think he passed a number of waypoints on records this year, and with a fourth championship he is not done yet. He is one of the sport’s all-time greats."

When asked why this was his best year, Lowe said: "I don’t know whether that has been it, if closer racing has been a contributor. I just mean that Lewis has been much more consistent.

"Not that he was inconsistent before, but he has shown his highest level of consistency this year of all the years he has been driving in the sport and that has paid dividends to him to take this championship.

"I know that he lost the championship last year and that must have been quite annoying. So he probably took that onboard and decided to learn from it."


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