Kimi Raikkonen feels due to the nature of incidents presented to Formula 1 race stewards no two are ever the same so consistency will be tough to achieve despite supporting the call in recent weeks.

The Ferrari driver benefitted from the race stewards' decision to slap Max Verstappen with a five-second time penalty having judged that the Red Bull driver gained an unfair advantage cutting a corner to pass the Finn for third place on the final lap of the United States Grand Prix.

While the decision was hit by a furious reaction from Verstappen and Red Bull, Raikkonen called for a pragmatic view by saying in every race steward decision one party will be happy and the other upset.

Raikkonen supports the call for consistency from F1 race stewards, with the proposal of a permanent race steward, but believes the Verstappen decision in Austin is “part of racing” which happens in any discipline of motorsport.

“Sometimes it’s against you, sometimes it helps you, but I’m sure no driver will be happy when it goes against you,” Raikkonen said. “There’s a few different stewards around and everybody has their own opinions on everything.

“I don’t see that changing even if we have the same guys always, because when it’s good for you, you are happy, but when it’s against you, you’re still going to be sad and not so happy.

“No incident is the same as other, so the end result is not always going to be the same because there will always be differences in the things they’re going to look at.

“Unfortunately it’s part of racing, we’ll always be discussing this, but if you go to MotoGP or something you have a similar story there.”


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