Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey has responded to Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne's suggestion that Liberty Media is looking to make the series more like NASCAR by stressing the need to retain the uniqueness of the teams in grand prix racing.

Marchionne said Ferrari would need to consider its future in F1 if the finalised 2021 regulations are not acceptable, hitting out at the planned engine rules that were unveiled last week.

Marchionne compared the standardisation of engine parts - intended to cut costs - to NASCAR where cars are very similar, but Carey stressed F1 is not looking to go down that kind of path.

"Actually I don’t think we have a differing view to Ferrari. I‘m not trying to be derogatory toward NASCAR, but we don’t plan to be NASCAR either," Carey said in a conference call earlier this week, as quoted by Reuters.

"But we want the cars to be unique. We want each team to have the ability to have a car that is unique to it."

A key point of focus for Liberty in planning the future of F1 has been greater performance convergence on-track to give more teams a chance of competing at the front of the pack, with Carey noting the need for greater unpredictability and upsets.

”We want teams to compete to win, but we want all the teams to have a chance. It’s never going to be equal, there are going to be favorites that evolve, but over time we want the teams to feel they all have a fighting chance," Carey said.

“Sports are built on the unexpected, so we do want a sport that can have the unexpected. You need competition, you need the unknown, you need great finishes, you need great stories and great dramas.

"We’ve got to create that.”


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