Lance Stroll says the right people know of his improvement at Williams in Formula 1 despite the team's difficulties in the opening three races.

Both Stroll and Williams have started the 2018 season on the back foot, struggling to be competitive with the FW41 and are the only team not to score so far this season.

The 19-year-old driver is in his second season in the sport, who started in his rookie year in difficult form, failing to score until his home race in Canada.

The next race in Azerbaijan saw a massive turn around when he clinched a podium finish, making him the youngest rookie ever to achieve the feat in the sport's history.

However, Williams have not showcased similar form from last year, with both Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin finding the car difficult to compete with.

When asked how he can show he has improved from last year, the Canadian replied saying that he can't showcase his improvement due to the nature of this year's car.

“The people that need to know, know” Stroll said. “To the general public it’s the nature of the sport that it’s a car-dominant sport. It’s not a secret.

“You look at any driver out there. Look at Fernando Alonso as a perfect example: two-time world champion, one of the best drivers of the grid [but] he’s not in the best car, he’s not getting into Q3, he’s not winning races. That’s the nature of the sport, that’s how it works.

“I can’t change that. All I can do is get more out of myself every weekend, every time I get in the car, work on my weaknesses, build on my strengths and, like I said, the people who need to know, the people in my little group that I work with, that’s ultimately what matters. The rest is out of my control.”

Signs of improvement are there at the Grove-based team as the Canadian made up multiple places at the start of the Chinese Grand Prix from his 18th place grid slot. He finished the race in 14th place for the third consecutive race in a row.

Stroll has said that the team can make improvements on this years' car compare to last year and insist he can integrate himself better than last year.

“The team has a lot of data to analyse a lot of the problems. But definitely I can give some feedback looking at even where we were last year at certain times” Stroll continued. “Some of the strengths from last year’s car that we have lost this year, some of the strengths on this year’s car I believe that we have improved compared to last year.

“Things like that and general balance and stuff I can guide them in the right direction, but big, big changes come from upgrades that the team bring to the circuit, then once you feel that upgrade you can obviously confirm if it’s a very positive change or a negative change.

“I believe that I can integrate myself much better now that it’s the second year than I could one year ago when I was a rookie.”


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