Pirelli has announced the mandatory compound selections it will make available to Formula 1 teams for the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The Italian manufacturer will bring the Supersoft, Ultrasoft and Hypersoft compounds to the final race of the campaign, a selection that is one step softer than its picks for the 2017 event to move in line with its current range of tyres.

Pirelli has now announced all of its tyre selections for 2018. Medium, Soft and Supersoft compounds have proven the most frequently picked range, with the combination being selected for six grands prix this year. Abu Dhabi will mark the fifth occasion the Supersoft, Ultrasoft and Hypersoft combination – Pirelli’s three fastest compounds - has been used.

While Pirelli's new Hypersoft compound has been selected for six events in total throughout 2018, the new introduction at the opposite end of the tyre spectrum - the Super Hard - has not been nominated for any races, with the Hard tyre only featuring once at Silverstone