Renault has been summoned to see the Formula 1 race stewards in Spain after failing to inform the FIA of a change in Nico Hulkenberg's front wing specification on Saturday.

Renault was forced to change Hulkenberg's front wing midway through Q1 after the German driver ran off the circuit and hit the barrier, damaging the front of his car.

Hulkenberg was sent back out with a different specification of front wing main plane, but Renault failed to inform the FIA that this change had been made.

"The part has been replaced during qualifying session 1, with a retrospective written request of the Renault F1 team received at 19:33," FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer wrote in his pre-race report.

"The team did not mention in their request that the front wing main plane is one of a different specification. I am referring this matter to the stewards for their consideration."

As this is a breach of parc ferme rules, which come into force at the start of Q1, Hulkenberg is facing exclusion from the qualifying classification. He qualified 16th on Saturday for Renault.



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