Sam Bird has his eyes set on the F3 Euroseries title in 2009 after inking a deal with Mucke Motorsport for his second year in the series.

Ahead of the new season, took the chance to quiz Bird about what the season may hold...
How do you feel things went for you in 2008?

Sam Bird:
It was a difficult year. I can remember standing here with you last year saying I was hopefully going to go for the title but it wasn't to be and it was quite a struggle. Hopefully this year will be totally different for me, I've signed with Mucke Motorsport who are proven to be a top team at the his level and fingers crossed I can go for the championship.
What was the most difficult thing for you last year as you moved into the Euroseries?

Sam Bird:
Dallara had just brought out the new F308 and it was new tracks for me and new tyres with the Kumhos, so all those things kind of combined together. Also, I don't think we got the development work done as quickly as we wanted to because my team-mates were all in the same boat. It took until half-way through the year before we were really on it so that was a bit of a disappointment, but at the end of the year, the pace was good and at Macau I was on pole until the last minute or so and we were in contention until I got taken out. Hopefully we'll be up for some good things this year.
How did the Mucke deal come together?

Sam Bird:
I've been speaking to them for a while and I think it's the right thing to do. I think it is the best move I could make and I'm really happy to be there.
In terms of testing, have you done much running so far?

Sam Bird:
I've done a couple of days but if I don't know a Formula Three car by now then there is something wrong with me! This will be my third year and it's about time I went out and won something.
So is testing now more a case of settling into new surroundings rather than chasing things on the car?

Sam Bird:
Yeah exactly. I think now it is a case of team bonding, getting to know my engineer and getting to know how Mucke work as a team and then going from there. I have two good team-mates and they are both rookies but they will be quick. One knows the tracks and one doesn't, but Alexander and Marco will both be strong so it should be a good year for all of us.
Last year with Manor, it was a British team for you. Will there be any issue with the language barrier or communication from working with a foreign team?

Sam Bird:
I thought that when I joined as it is my first time with a European team. It's fine though and they all speak fluent English. I tried to speak to them in German and completely ballsed it up so I won't try that again unless I start taking classes!
So twelve months ago when we talked you said you were going for the title. Are you more confident of that this time around?

Sam Bird:
I think so yes. In fact, I know so. The aim is to go for the title and that is what I hope to do come May [when the season starts].



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