Zhi Cong Li and Ryan Tveter have been taken to hospital after being involved in a horrifying accident during the latest round of the European Formula 3 Championship at the Red Bull Ring.

The incident began when Carlin driver Tveter went off course between turns five and six, only to spin back onto the track on the racing line and be collected by unsighted team-mate Li at high-speed.

The heavy impact would see Li's car spiral into the air before rolling as it came back to ground, while Pedro Piquet was also collected in the ensuing melee.

A statement from the FIA has confirmed one driver was initially unconscious when reached by marshals - though it doesn't state which -, but confirms both Li and Tveter were conscious by the time they had reached the medical centre.

Both have been transferred to hospital for further checks, with Li transferred by helicopter having suffered reported back and head injuries.

"Following on-track evaluation, Zhi Cong Li and Ryan Tveter were transferred to the circuit's medical centre," a statement from the FIA said. "One driver was initially unconscious, but both drivers were conscious on arrival at the medical centre.

"Zhi Cong Li has subsequently been taken to hospital via helicopter due to possible head and back injuries. Ryan Tveter was taken to hospital by ambulance for further examination."

Piquet escaped unharmed.



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