As the N?rburging rounds of the British F3 International Series fast approach, competitor Tim Bridgman is looking to build on his points scored in the Silverstone leg of the competition.

The German track is one of the four GP circuits featuring this year for the first time together in the championship and Bridgman is enjoying the opportunity to experience all that the top-flight venues have to offer.

"It's a fantastic place - a good modern facility and great to drive on. The Grand Prix tracks are in a different league, so I'm looking forward to the challenge," said the Essex man.

The 20-year-old was given an insight into the 2.82 mile Formula 1 course last year when he tested on the abridged version. "I've driven on the shorter circuit, which the GP track mostly comprises, and in preparation for these rounds have studied the extra section of track, which looks excellent," he noted.

This experience offers a potential advantage in the first qualifying on Friday for the Hitech driver, who is looking for a good grid position to start off the weekend. "It's a help knowing the circuit, but I think that's going to impact more on the first qualifying than the second, before the playing field levels out," he said.

It will be effectively a one-day weekend for the F3 entrants; by 4.30pm on Saturday their two chequered flags will have flown. For Bridgman the tight timetable adds to the intensity of the LMES weekend, which the F3 Series supports. "I like the momentum from a busy racing schedule; it brings its own energy and I am aiming to do the best job I can when I get in the car on the day."



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