British F3 International Series champions Hitech Racing have been given the role of developing the new Superleague Formula car ahead of its race debut later this season.

The new series will see 20 cars lining up on the grid bearing the colours of some of the world's leading football clubs, including current European champions AC Milan, multiple Portuguese champions FC Porto, Dutch league leaders PSV Eindhoven and Brazilian heavyweights Flamengo and Corinthians.

Built by Elan Motorsport Technologies in the US, the new Superleague car will be powered by a 750 horsepower, V-12 engine designed and built by Menard Competition Technologies in the UK.

After successful dyno testing last week, the V-12 has been fitted to the Superleague Formula chassis ready for its first run today, with the car set to undertake straight line running ahead of hitting the track for the first time at Donington Park next week.

The car will conduct straight line testing this week before hitting the track for the first time at Donington Park next week.

"I have been talking with Robin Webb at Superleague Formula over the past couple of years and we were originally discussing the possibility of running a team in the series - that evolved into the idea of overseeing the test programme for the car," Hitech team boss David Hayle said ahead of the first run. "The Superleague Formula car looks fantastic. Everyone involved in the project have done a really good job and I am very impressed with the entire package. The design of the car has been very well thought through by Elan and it is all coming together quite well.

"We are really looking forward to the Superleague Formula development programme - it is a great extension of the work we undertake in Formula 3 where we run wind tunnel programmes, simulations, transmission development and tyre development programmes.

"It is a different challenge for us because we are putting together a kit of parts which is going remain for the entire championship. Our goal is to iron out any possible bugs, develop a strong base set up and ensure excellent reliability."

Hayle added that he expected the car to be something of a challenge for drivers who sign up for the Superleague series, which will kick-off at Donington Park in late August with races to follow in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

"The Superleague Formula car is going to be a beast to drive - a huge challenge to even the best drivers," Hayle continued. "There is a lot of horsepower, no traction control and no real driver aids - it will place a huge emphasis on the skill level of the drivers. It has a very wide track, slick tyres - the teams will have to work very hard on mechanical grip as this is a very big car. Elan have done their homework on what is required mechanically and aerodynamically to provide a good stable package."

"Everyone is waiting in anticipation as to how this will turn out, a lot of thought and planning has gone into this championship and I think once things kick off it is going to be huge - it will capture the imagination of a lot of people. It is combining two of the biggest sport in the world. Getting that passion from the football crowd into a motorsport environment will be excellent."