Alexander Sims has unveiled a new initiative to get people involved with his ascension up the motorsport ladder by offering the public the chance to have their names emblazoned on his car.

The newly crowned McLaren Autosport BDRC award winner will graduate to the Formula 3 Euroseries with Mucke Motorsport next season and people can get involved by sending ?5 to have their name on his machine.

The offer is an incentive for people to get involved with Sims' career, which will start an important new chapter when he moves from Formula Renault and follows in the footsteps of Sebastian Vettel and Sebastian Buemi in racing for the German Mucke team.

For that ?5 Sims is offering people a name of their choice on the car, as well as news updates, exclusive access to his website and a personalised gift certificate.

"We've considered a number of ways in which to get people involved with my racing career and the idea of 'The Name Car' has the perfect mix of everything", he said.

"For a small one-off payment, fans of motor racing or people looking for a unique Christmas gift can be centrally involved with my first season in Formula 3 Euroseries. It's a really exciting and fun initiative."

To get involved, visit