Brazil has been dropped from the inaugural Formula E Championship calendar, it has been announced.

Rio de Janeiro had been set to hold the third event on November 15, but that will now not happen. It has been replaced by an event 'to be announced' on February 14 2015. Los Angeles had been scheduled for then, but has now been pushed back to April 4 2015.

The revised schedule is:

2014/2015 Formula E calendar

13 September 2014 China Beijing
18 October 2014 Malaysia Putrajaya
13 December 2014 Uruguay Punta del Este
10 January 2015 Argentina Buenos Aires
14 February 2015 TBA
14 March 2015 USA Miami
04 April 2015 USA Los Angeles
09 May 2015 Monaco Monaco
30 May 2015 Germany Berlin
27 June 2015 Britain London

Meanwhile the World Motor Sport Council officially validated the following entry list:

Formula E entry list

*Andretti Autosport Formula E Team (USA)
*Audi Sport ABT Formula E Team (DEU)
*China Racing Formula E Team (CHN)
*Dragon Racing Formula E Team (USA)
*Drayson Racing Formula E Team (GBR)
*E.dams Formula E Team (FRA)
*Mahindra Racing Formula E Team (IND)
*Super Aguri Formula E Team (JAP)
*Venturi Grand Prix Formula E Team (MCO)
*Virgin Racing Formula E Team (GBR)

A timetable for a Formula E Championship 'Call for Expressions of Interest' from new manufacturers was also set out.

The launch of the procedure is to take place on 1 September 2014, and a deadline for the submission of applications has been set for 31 October 2014.

Finally, the sporting regulations were 'presented for consideration', with confirmation the points system will follow that used in F1, with the exception that 3 points will be awarded for pole position and 2 for the fastest lap.

The full summary of the Formula E sporting regulations issued, reads:

Formula E sporting regulations - provisional

*Two titles of Formula E Champion, one for drivers and one for teams.

*Drivers using International Licence Class B + a specific FIA E Licence issued after completing a seminar about the safety aspects on racing in electric vehicles.

*Maximum number of events 12, and minimum 6.

*Points for both titles will be awarded at each Event according to the following scale:

1st: 25 points
2nd: 18 points
3rd: 15 points
4th: 12 points
5th: 10 points
6th: 8 points
7th: 6 points
8th: 4 points
9th: 2 points
10th: 1 point

Pole position: 3 points
Fastest lap: 2 points

*Only 10 teams will be admitted to the Championship.

*Each driver will use two cars. Colours of race numbers will be imposed and different between the two cars available for each driver.

*Testing with Formula E cars is not permitted for drivers and competitors participating in the championship, with the exception of official tests organised by the promoter.

*Tyres will be limited to five (5) new front tyres and five (5) new rear tyres per event.

*Each team must have a maximum of 12 operational staff working on the cars.

*Each driver shall use no more than one motor, on gearbox and one battery pack per car for the entire season.

*To charge the cars, only energy supplied by the supplier designated by the event organiser and approved by the FIA shall be used during the event.

*Special attention has been paid to all safety requirements and prevention systems.

*Single Free Practice session of 60 minutes. Single Qualifying Practice of 90 minutes divided into four (4) groups of five (5) cars each.

*The grid will be in a staggered 1 x 1 formation and the rows on the grid will be separated by 8 metres with the Pole Position in the place designated by the FIA Circuits Department.
*No formation lap.

*Race of maximum 60 minutes with minimum one Pit Stop for changing cars. This change of cars will take place inside the garage after a safety procedure similar to the one applied in the FIA World Endurance Championship for repairing cars.

*Safety Car procedure following the FIA standards.



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