Nick Heidfeld is confident he would have successfully completed his last corner move on Nicolas Prost for the win during the inaugural FIA Formula E Championship race in Beijin, but was instead left 'so so disappointed' at the clash that eliminated both drivers from the reckoning.

The ex-F1 driver was battling for the honour of becoming the first winner of a Formula E race in China, the German rising to second place during the car changes and launching an assault on long-time leader Prost as the race entered its final stages.

Conserving enough energy to attempt a move on Prost into the final corner on the last lap, Prost moved across late to defend, the pair making sufficient contact to create damage that would have likely put them out on the spot just metres from the finish line.

Worse than that though, Heidfeld's Venturi car was pitched into a slide that sent it across the high inside kerb, flip onto its side and impact the barrier cockpit first at high-speed. Sending the car into a series of spirals, it would land upside down, though Heidfeld was fortunately able to evacuate himself from the wreckage.

Immediately following the incident - which gifted victory to Lucas di Grassi instead -, Prost and Heidfeld disagreed with whom was at fault, though the former has since taken to Twitter to accept his part in the clash after watching replays of the incident.

Unhurt in the accident, Heidfeld was frustrated to have seen victory snatched away by the actions of a driver he considers his friend having spent 2014 competing alongside him in the World Endurance Championship with Rebellion Racing and refuted the suggestion his move was desperate. Despite this, the experienced racer is happy to have made his mark.

"I am OK and that's the most important thing. When I was upside down i was complaining on the radio. I was putting my hands up. It surprised me that it didn't hurt more.

"I think I was up for a win and not a podium so it's very disappointing. It would have been a fantastic race - I started P6 on the grid and then I was P4 after the first corner. Some great work by the team got me into P2 behind Nico Prost after the pit stop. I think I placed it perfectly for the last corner. I saved a lot of energy earlier in the race to have more left at the end.

"I was a lot better on the brakes into the last corner than Nico, but I didn't show that waiting for the moment. I was closer than ever before onto that straight. I knew it was my chance. He broke earlier, I guess he wanted to save some energy. He'd moved a little to the left so I had to move further over. Then, while I was next to him, he moved over.

"I think the TV pictures show quite clearly I was alongside him. There was nothing I could do. He drove into me. I'm not mad at him. Things like this happen. I don't think it's a lack of experience - he did a great job all the weekend and he was leading the race. He didn't expect me to make a move there. He thought it was my mistake. Two drivers, two different opinions. Maybe he'll change his mind when he watches the TV, maybe not.

"I like him, He's a friend of mine, we race together in sports cars and WEC. He thought it was not possible to make it at the last corner but I am sure it is. Fortunately for everybody we have such a safe car and a relatively safe circuit with the barriers they put. The race was very enjoyable until the last corner. I can smile but it's so so disappointing not to take a win."

Heidfeld will now turn his attention to racing in the WEC alongside Prost next weekend at the Circuit of the Americas.



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