Renault has confirmed it will manufacture its own powertrain for use by the e.dams team for the 2015/16 FIA Formula E Championship season.

A relaxing of the regulations for the series' second year will allow manufacturers to invest in the production of their own powertrain as a means of encouraging innovative technology to be developed.

Following the announcement that Citroen will enter the series next season with its DS brand, Renault has now confirmed it will increase its involvement from title sponsor of the e.dams team to a full manufacturer entry

"We are becoming a full constructor from next season, so we are developing a powertrain for the car, so next year it will be Renault," said Patrice Ratti, CEO of Renault Sport Technologies. "This year it's Spark-Renault and it's used by all the teams, next year it's Renault used by e.dams-Renault.

e.dams narrowly missed out on the drivers' championship by one point with Sebastien Buemi, but won the teams' championship. Co-owner Alain Prost is keen to challenge for both titles next year.

"He (Sebastien Buemi) must be very disappointed, but at the end of the day it's very positive for the championship that we lost the championship at the last corner."

Jake Kilshaw



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