Porsche has expressed its belief that Formula E’s plans for the future are “very exciting” and will not simply be a “passing fad”, underlining its commitment to electric technology.

Porsche announced at the end of last month it would be closing its LMP1 programme at the end of this year in order to plan for a works entry to Formula E in 2019, starting in the series’ sixth season.

Porsche’s entry continues the shift for manufacturers towards electric, with the likes of Mercedes, Renault, Audi, BMW and Jaguar either already involved or planning an entry to Formula E.

Porsche’s Michael Steiner, member of the executive board research and development, is impressed by the technical roadmap that is in place for Formula E.

“The series is developing in an interesting direction,” Steiner said. “Think, for example, of the rear axle with the electric motor, which manufacturers are able to design themselves within the regulations, or take the inverter and the battery management, where there will also be more freedom.

“In the relatively short term, it is expected that a better battery will be used in Formula E, which will eliminate vehicle changes during the race. There are also planned increases in drive performance. And brake-by-wire is coming, along with other things.

“We have seen the roadmap on the technical side. The regulations will start to open up and the planned developments are very interesting.”

When asked if he expected Formula E to shift from being a marketing tool to more of a technology formula, Steiner said: “ That is exactly what we are expecting.

“We would not make such a wide-ranging strategic change for an event that only had marketing potential.

“If Formula E were just a short-term trend or a passing fad, we would certainly not become involved.”


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