Selected quotes from drivers at the end of the rain-affected Proximus 24 hours of Spa, which took place in Belgium this past weekend.

Christophe Bouchut (#1 Larbre Competition Chrysler Viper GTS-R):

''Everything was working well even though we had some small problems during the night. However, when we had the problem with the gearbox, of course, our hopes of winning were over. After that, it was just a case of pushing to try to get back on the podium. It would be nice to come back to the championship, but I will see what will be happening over the next few weeks, or maybe I will concentrate on looking for a good drive for next year.''

Patrick Huisman (#1 Larbre Competition Chrysler Viper GTS-R):

''I haven't had too many starts in the FIA GT Championship, mainly because I have been concentrating on other things like Porsche Supercup and, last year, the DTM, but I really wanted to win this race so badly. I have been here on a couple of occasions, but it did not work out. The team did a good job, especially during the night when we had such a lot of rain. The Michelin tyres worked fantastically, we gained a lot of places and we were right up there until the gearbox broke. But fortune looked upon us today and we were very lucky to finish second in the GT class.''

Pierre-Yves Corthals (#24 Paul Belmondo Racing Chrysler Viper GTS-R):

''The Viper is a really good car - I had never driven it before, as I only raced in touring cars, but it is really easy to drive in the wet and the dry. My only problems were in reaching the controls as I am just a small guy!''

Alex Caffi (#72 Seikel Motorsport Porsche 996 GT3-RS):

''First of all, I want to thank Porsche for saving my career after the great disaster in F1 with the Footwork Porsche. Now I am getting a lot of results with Porsche cars and that is very good. Secondly, I want to say thank you for the weather because, for me, it was not possible to get a result like this without the rain in the night. I would also like to thank the Seikel team for a great time.''

Philipp Peter (#9 JMB Racing Ferrari 550 Maranello):

''At this stage of the race, we all began to believe we could finish, so we are naturally disappointed. But on the other hand, we have scored points at six and twelve hours, we have raced for 18 hours, which is equivalent to six GT races - and, considering that, apart from Donington, we have never finished, that is quite an achievement! I think we surprised a lot of people, including ourselves, and it felt very good to fight for position. I led the race during my first stint, which was our first moment of joy, we were on the pace, and our Pirelli intermediate tyres were excellent. We lost seven laps due to a broken bolt in the suspension, and then the engine problem stopped us. But we are now ready to go on with the programme!''

Christian Ried (#69 Proton Competition Porsche 996 GT3-RS):

''The engine broke after 18 hours, which is a great shame. We had no problems before then, not even in the rain, although it was very difficult out there, and none of the drivers made any mistakes. But now that the weather has improved, our engine broke. At least I now have plenty of experience in the new car, especially in the wet !''

Adam Jones (#77 RWS Yukos Porsche 996 GT3-RS):

''The car didn't sound good, and I was heading back for the pits, but the engine just let go and I couldn't get back. The team and I are all disappointed. We'd got to third, and it was looking good, but it's a race of survival, and we didn't survive. It's a shame after getting through all the heavy rain - at one point it was like going through a car wash out there!''



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