FIA GT regular Toto Wolff , like many of the other Austrians competing in this year's FIA GT Championship, considers Brno his home circuit, as well as one of his favourites.

Wolff has being racing in the championship since 2001 and, this year, has moved up to the GT class, racing the #17 JMB Racing Ferrari 575 M Maranello with Karl Wendlinger and Robert Lechner Jr. Naturally, along with his team-mates, he is looking forward to this weekend.

"I like Brno very much," Wolff admits, "It is very challenging from a technical point of view, as it has slow, medium and fast corners, going up and downhill. For me, it's like a little Spa.

"I learned to race on the old A1-Ring and at Brno, so I have lots of good memories of Formula Ford, and I like it a lot. The circuit itself is quite long. The first corner is very challenging - you take it in fourth gear in a GT car, and need to exit well to get the speed for the next long straight. This is followed by a left-right corner, followed by a very fast double right-hander where, if the car is perfect, the second part can be taken flat out.

"After that, you have to be heavy on the brakes for the next corner, which is almost a hairpin. A short straight leads into a left-right hander where, once again, you have to sacrifice the left part to gain speed on the straight. We are now at the lowest part of the circuit, taken in fifth gear and quite fast, followed by a fourth gear corner, which is two-thirds downhill.

"This is followed by the most important part, a left-right chicane, followed by a long uphill straight, which is nearly a kilometre long. The handling has to be perfect here, so as not to have oversteer exiting the chicane. With no oversteer, you can get on the throttle early, and gain a lot of time.

"The last part of the lap sees another left-right combination, taken in second gear and exiting in third, with a little straight and a fast right-hander leading onto the main straight, which is taken in sixth gear.

"The top speed is not as fast as circuits like Monza, but the circuit is very abrasive and the weather can be very hot, which means that tyres can be very important. It is a circuit where the set-up is crucial."



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