After 24 hours of an intense and exciting race, Matteo Bobbi finished the Spa marathon 3rd in the GT category to earn a podium place.

This result could have been better had it not been an accident with Livio behind the wheel, which saw the team lose valuable time in the pits. Although the team repaired the car in under an hour, the chance of victory was gone.

Despite the disappointment of losing a possible victory, Bobbi was pleased to end the race with a podium finish

"To cut the finish line after a spectacular and exciting race like the 24 hours of Spa is just a great feeling," he said. "I'm a little sour about the accident that cost us almost an hour of delay. Had it not been for this, we could have fought for the lead. However, the prestigious 3rd place is very satisfying to all of us.

"I would like to compliment my team-mates Gardel, Livio and De Castro with whom I immediately got on well with. We gave out 100% and the podium was a great prize for all of our hard work. The championship still has 4 more rounds left and without a doubt Cappellari and Gollin have the advantage. But rest assured that both Gardel and I will do our utmost to fight for the title!"

These are the details of how Matteo Bobbi, Gabriele Gardel, Stefano Livio and Miguel Angel de Castro got on at Spa.
Hour two
Bobbi starts in third place and keeps a very high pace. In no time, he takes the lead. His team-mates stay in the leading positions and finish the second hour in third place.

Although the weather forecast was for rain, the weather was great throughout the whole race.
Hour four
The Ferrari 550 driven by Bobbi retakes 1st position having overtaken the Salo-Babini-Peter-Vosse's Ferrari 575 and Scuderia Italia's other Ferrari 550 driven by Gollin-Cappellari-Bryner-Calderari.
Hour six
The first points are handed out: Bobbi's team finished the sixth hour in 2nd place to collect 4 points. Now the after dark competition begins.
Hour ten
Night time doesn't bring car #1 much luck.

During the 186th lap Stefano Livio is behind the wheel but goes off track and damages the back part of the car.

He makes an immediate pit stop and the Scuderia Italia's mechanics repair the car in little less than an hour. The Ferrari gets back on track during the 204th lap with Gardel behind the wheel in 20th place.

From now on the team face a battle to work back up the order.
Hour 16
Thanks to shifts of very fast driving, Bobbi consolidates an incredible climb during the 16th hour up to fifth place. However, the leader who was 20 laps ahead, is unreachable.

The aim for the team is now third place in the GT category to collect some precious points for the championship.
Hour 20
After taking 3rd place in the GT category, Bobbi maintains the position and keeps the car in good condition. During a previous pit stop Scuderia Italia cut a nut with a saw they weren't supposed to use.

The regulation says that all sparks are forbidden at the pit boxes and so Bobbi is forced to serve a drive through penalty.
Hour 24
The last hour of the race is always very crucial for the car:

With 3rd place in their grasp, Bobbi and his team-mates ease off to avoid any technical problems. Bobbi collects his first podium in the 24 hours of Spa and 12.5 points. He also secured his 2nd place in the classification.



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