Allen, it's a while since we saw you in British GT with the Monaro and here you are with a Nissan GT-R for the season ahead. Where has this deal come from?

Allen Orchard:
Yeah, these are pretty exciting times. I joined a company called JR Motorsports a year ago and the owner James Rumsey is pretty passionate about racing and is keen for 'world domination' as he puts it. We have all heard that so many times, but James is genuinely trying to structure things in a commercial way and he has a performance arm for road cars called Sumo Power. Through that, he has forged a relationship with NISMO and the opportunity has arisen due to changes in the GT market to sign a deal for two cars to compete in the new GT1 World Championship. We have lodged our entry and we now wait to see if that is accepted, but it has been interesting working with NISMO and they are very passionate and excited about it.
So there was an element of right place, right time about the project due to the issues with Gigawave Motorsport closing its doors.

Allen Orchard:
Absolutely. I don't know the ins and outs of what has happened there, but we had a one, five and ten year plan and this was our five year plan. But who could pass this one up?
With the deal just completed its still early stages, but do you have an idea of drivers?

Allen Orchard:
There are still discussions to be had and slots to fill, but things are happening. We know one driver for sure and that will be announced soon but we are open to competitive and affordable drivers.
What's the plan pre-season?

Allen Orchard:
Time is against us and this is a clean sheet as a race team. We are putting the right people together and purchasing equipment as we speak but shortly we will head to Portugal for the first balance of performance test and then it will be business as usual, testing the car and doing all the work needed.
JRM isn't known for its sportscar exploits so how challenging will it be to go straight in at GT1 rather than doing a national programme first?

Allen Orchard:
It's a pretty big step from what people have seen of the team but there are some good people around and we have recruited people from some high-end teams already. You can't look at JRM and say that is where we are as we are a very dynamic organisation and have a strong army of experienced people.
Could the GT arm of the company extend beyond GT1 in future?

Allen Orchard:
No doubt. James has his plan and I think that in the coming years, there will be one exciting announcement after another.



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