Andrea Piccini proved once again that the Lister Storm will be a car to reckon with at Anderstorp, but team-mate Jamie Campbell-Walter's season of misfortune continued with a power steering failure that drastically reduced the #14 entry's track time in the second free practice session.

Piccini was fastest for much of the first practice session, but was pipped at the post by the championship-leading BMS Ferrari, which went quicker towards the end of practice when the track was cleaner. The Italian had no opportunity to respond as the final half of the session was driven by new team-mate David Sterckx, who joined the Lister squad on a full-time basis at Anderstorp and rapidly improved his times throughout the half-hour he was on track.

Campbell-Walter and team-mate Nathan Kinch had a more troubled time, with the numerous red flags catching JC-W out while he was trying to set-up, and leaving him to settle for third spot in the opening session after handing the car over to Kinch with about 15 minutes to go.

The second driver in the all-British crew was caught in traffic, so backed off to let the other cars go, only to see one of the Vipers, going slowly, cut into him going into a corner and make contact with his front wheel. There was no time left in the session, so the accident had little effect on times or positions, but the result was a bent steering arm and no power steering, meaning the team had much to do before the resumption.

Despite a lot of effort in the Lister pit, there was drama straight away in the second session, when the power steering failed again. After an hour and fifteen minutes, a repair had been effected, but there was very little time for Campbell-Walter to try out the different set-up he had chosen - and no time at all for Kinch to drive the car. The loss of track time also put the crew seventh overall.

Piccini, however, was straight on the pace again - lying fastest in the early laps on old tyres and then, with new tyres, going faster still - despite setting his time on a lap when he was held up by a slow Porsche for the three last corners. The same car then pulled across the Italian's bows at the first corner of the next lap, causing him to spin.

Once again, it was not until the final minutes of the session that Piccini found himself dislodged from top spot, but the Konrad Saleen set a time good enough to claim P1 overnight. Sterckx once again spent a lot of time in the car, setting his fastest time on his last lap on well used tyres.



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