Thomas Biagi and Matteo Bobbi wrapped up the FIA GT Championship's GT class driver's title with a third place finish in Estoril on Sunday on a day where the brand new Ferrari 575 scored a stunning maiden victory.

From seventh place on the starting grid, the BMS Scuderia Italia duo could afford to take a cautious approach to the penultimate three-hour race of the year as their nearest title rivals Lillian Bryner and Enzo Calderari struck trouble in their Care Racing Ferrari 550 and BMS teammates Fabrizio Gollin and Luca Capellari could only manage a second place finish in their 550.

After battling with their teammates and the eventually victorious Fabio Babini/Phillip Peter 575 Maranello for the lead during the middle stages of the race, Biagi and Bobbi backed off slightly when the Bryner/Calderari/Stefano Livio machine lost more than 20 laps and finally crossed the line just over half a minute behind the winners and 18 seconds behind their teammates after 106 laps of the sun baked Estoril circuit.

Full report to follow.



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