Codemasters' latest racing simulation game is tipped to blow away the opposition, following storming reviews from the game players to have sampled what is being billed as 'the best game of its type' yet.

ToCA Race Driver 2 allows fans to 'live the life of a race driver' by guiding them through 31 different championships in 15 different disciplines across the world - ranging from US street racing, via rallying to the heights of single-seater and GT sportscar style competition.

Reckoned to be the most authentic and expansive range of motor sports ever delivered in a single game, the game offers a variety of locations from the around the globe, with a total of 48 circuits - both officially licensed and completely fictional - providing the challenge to would-be champions. These venues, all produced using a new render engine that allows for super smooth sixty frame per second graphics, allows the player to compete in anything from a Jaguar XJ220 around the likes of Donington Park, Kyalami and Laguna Seca to a Ford Pick-up on the cut-and-thrust ovals at Texas Motor Speedway and Pike's Peak Raceway.

The range of vehicles on offer is among the biggest and most aspirational ever, with a total of 35 prestige machines - including Ford GT, Aston Martin Vanquish, Jaguar XKR, and Koenig C62 - and pure-bred racers - such as DTM supercars and Formula Ford single-seaters. Up to 21 machines can feature on track at any one time, all battling for position as the programming behind the scenes endows each 'competitor' with the will to win.

The artificial intelligence at work will make the generated drivers appear very competitive but, at the same time, keen to avoid unnecessary shunts and bumps, while a highly-sophisticated physics and handling engine - which combines the instant rewards of an intuitive racer with the subtlety and nuances commonly associated with a simulation - delivers incredibly playable realism.

Perhaps fittingly for the rough-and-tumble nature of 'real' racing, the game features the most comprehensive damage engine ever produced in a simulation, with windows, doors and other parts of the car all now subject to the wear and tear of door-to-door combat.

A fully interactive storyline drives players through all 31 championships as they follow a career path to the top flight, and there is full online playability for both PC and Xbox platforms, including LIVE for Xbox.

Further details on ToCA Race Driver 2 can be found by visiting the website



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