Having travelled to San Luis hoping to take a first win of the season, the Gigawave Motorsport team was left disappointed after it was forced to miss the final round of the FIA GT campaign.

Alan Simonsen and Phillip Peter had once again been on the pace at the wheel of the silver Aston Martin DBR9 but the pre-qualifying session was to be the final time it appeared on track with an accident at turn six.

That contact with the wall destroyed the rear end of the car and left the team unable to fix the damage, which left Simonsen and Peter to watch on from the sidelines as the series raced at the new San Luis circuit for the first time.

"This is, unfortunately, the downside of motorsport," Gigawave chairman Henry Barczynski said. "However, the team has gained considerable knowledge and experience and is now better prepared and equipped to take on the challenges of 2009, in preparation for the 2010 World Championship."